Find out our personalized natural weight loss programs here. Weight loss Yoga sessions completely customized for your specific body needs. No killing workouts or killing diets, but relies on yoga postures and techniques to bring favorable and drastic changes on your body shape, hormonal balance and muscle toning.

Technically sound, and efficient yoga teachers handpicked by Master Bharat Thakur itself will instruct yoga sessions for you. To know more visit our weight loss yoga program pages


Are you among the ones who relates weight loss to hectic workouts and dieting routines. Those methods will help you lose weight, but can't say it's a natural or healthy way of losing weight. We here in Artistic Yoga is having a way to lose your extra fat naturally without side effects, literally no killing workouts, dieting or weight loss pills.

Artistic yoga is gonna help you keep your mind and body togetherly engaged throughout the weight loss sessions which will inturn results in a sustained natural loss of weight. Read and know more about it in our weight loss through yoga page.


What's new with Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga Company? Latest event notifications and our newest yoga center details are published here. Introducing the latest weight loss programs and reduce weight challenges by Artistic Yoga. Visit our Yoga events page to know more.


It's all about a decision to change your lives. A new way of living your life, which will take you to that ultimate target of ones life. We don't have a teacher to teach you, but a Master, the one and only Bharat Thakur, who can guide you from his experience. His indepth knowledge and passion towards yoga, meditation and spirituality is gonna transform you to transform others.

Join our yoga teacher training to become a part of Artistic yoga, the ultimate in yoga training. Its just about living better and helping others to live better.


Providing you private yoga sessions to address your specific health and fitness issues. The Yoga program involves assessing your body, setting the achievable goals, guiding and helping you towards the fitness goals. Join Artistic Yoga private classes, for weight loss and fitness training comfortably designed for you.


Contact Artistic Yoga centers for weight loss yoga and fitness classes @


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